The Year Has Two 2’s in It Instead of Two 1’s

The first day of 2012 is slipping away – about four more hours left in it for me – and I’ve yet to decide on my New Year’s resolutions. Hold that thought for now.

I’m not sure how many “resolutions” and “New Year’s” posts I read in the past week, but they were all silly or thought-provoking or otherwise cool. I always meant to contribute one. I just didn’t have anything silly or thought-provoking or otherwise cool to share. So I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special (finally!) and baked gingerbread cookies instead, saying I was giving myself time to think.

Have you ever tried to think and not mix up the salt and the cinnamon simultaneously?

Well, maybe I could think and not mix up the salt and cinnamon, but it was only my brain rehashing the coolness I had seen earlier.

Janice Hardy likes to put the chances of her succeeding after each of her (well-organized, I might add) resolutions.

Beth Revis isn’t revealing her resolutions – yet. As she conquers them she will announce her success on her blog.

Jeannie Campbell set up an amazing photograph.

Before we get back to me, click those links. They won’t take much time, I promise.

And Kathrine Roid? Kathrine Roid is floundering, trying to decide what to resolve. I know, many people decided days or weeks ago. This year I am was not one of those people. This year I had guests the past week; directly after a little over a week of Hanukkah. Wonderful guests.

Who am I kidding? I just didn’t set aside the time to make resolutions; that’s all the problem is. All I have to do it set aside time. *sets aside time* *steals*

First, the regular sort of resolutions, along with the chances of my success, because that was a cool idea of Janice’s. Also, deliberate steps to achieve these resolutions because I have been informed vague resolutions are always failed.

Goal: Start publishing science fiction and fantasy short stories regularly instead of letting them rot on your hard drive after you finish them.
Chances of success: 100% I am extremely motivated and have already looked into markets.
Steps to take: I love writing short stories, but I always tell myself I’m “supposed” to be focusing on my “more important” projects and that I should devote all spare time to my novel. Well, phooey on that. I write decent short fiction and I want to share it.

To start, I need an organizational system for those rotting short stories. I guess this resolution is another in disguise: organize my folders. Separate the pretty short stories that are ready for submission, the short stories that need polishing, the short stories that are WIPs, and the short stories that should be allowed to rot and be used as compost for future writing skill growth. Create a list of the science fiction and fantasy magazines I am interested in. There are lots of good ones out there, so this will mostly be clickwork. Set aside a couple hours every week to work on short stories. I want to give myself some leeway on this one, though, since I *am* trying to plow through a novel at the moment. Mini goal: start submitting a setting aside those hours by June.

(Oh, side note. If you are a fellow novelist who is either interested or completely not interested in writing short stories, Jami Gold has an excellent post on the benefits of a novelist taking to short stories.)

Goal: Work up to blogging three times a week again – you were doing this before and it was lots of fun, but now you’ve been neglecting your blog.
Chances of success: 50% I’d love to get back to doing this, but with me and my excuses I’m just as likely to fail as to succeed.
Steps to take: They key phrase is “work up to.” I keep at once a week for the first quarter of the year, always on a standard day so I get myself used to some sort of schedule. In the second quarter of the year, twice a week. The third, alternate between twice a week and three time a week. Starting in October I should be at my goal of three times a week. You should all tell me how happy you are to here this…

Goal: Use a notebook to jot down the little inspirational ideas and use them for a plot soup later instead of forgetting.
Chances of success: 30% The problem here is keeping at it.
Steps to take: I’m debating whether I should use an actual notepad and pen, or if I should go with Tumblr micro-blogging, just for fun. I already run to my Twitter if I ever get a <141-character thought, or at least keep a hold of that thought until I can run to twitter, so using Tumblr is entirely possible. Once I decide that, I plan to use the time I used to use journaling to jot down my muse tidbits.

(Another side note: I've had a neat journaling exercise going. Every day I take the time to write down in three sentences three things that happened. I can never right down something negative or unhappy. It takes five minutes a day too get you focusing on the proper things!)

Those were my three writing-resolutions. I have three family-resolutions too. Here's my pretty flowery banner to remember them by:

Next, the back-up plan. I read the most interesting post under the provoking headline “Resolved: Ban New Years Resolutions.” It is a very convincing argument that it easier and more productive to meditate on a single word all year long rather than create lists.

My theory for why New Years resolutions are so famously abandoned: we have no back-up plan. No safety net. When we fall, we tumble all the way down. Not me! *hangs net*


Now, the three secret-resolutions. Written on notecards like Beth’s, only multicolored notecards. ^_^ Why are they secret? Well, some people would call them dreams and point me toward a few handy-dandy articles on the difference of goals and dreams. I also freely admit they are impossible, and we all know how our resolutions are supposed to be feasible and attainable. Problem is…. I’ve just downloaded this wallpaper from Dieki Noordhoek.

“Impossible” is only an excuse.

So I’m putting these resolutions on notecards and flipping them over maybe only to get them out of my system… but we all know I hope I’ll be blogging about one of these sometime this year.

Blue, yellow, and pink notecards, if you were wondering. One color for each impossible resolution. *pets impossible resolutions*

Finally… nope, I’m afraid I can’t steal from Jeannie. I could never photograph something that cool. I just had to share what she did with everyone. But, as a treat to my fellow Whovians, you do get this:

The Doctor is right. Fairyland looks like the inside of my oven with gingerbread men all in a row.

Happy New Years,
P.S. If you aren’t a Whovian, try watching the 2011 Christmas special.

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About Kathrine Roid

I'm an science fiction and fantasy author living in Texas with an undead parakeet and teleporting cat. Think about that for a moment.

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  1. Abby/PrincessoftheKing

    *can’t wait for Katty to work back up to three posts a week* :D

    Anyway, nice post! I haven’t come up with any resolutions… maybe I should. *will think about it during school tomorrow* :)

    • :D

      You do that. January 2nd isn’t a bad time to create resolutions. The pressure and excitement of the “new year” has quieted, and you can make goals you are more likely to keep.

  2. Thanks for the link! I appreciate you helping me spread the word. :)

    • Not at all. Your post is what convinced me to actually take the time to give my short stories some love. :)

      Oh, everyone: Jami’s blog is one of my favorites. Click her name up there. ;)

  3. Great post, Kathrine. What magazines do you plan on publishing with, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Thanks. My short stories are for the general market, so there are many options. I might compile a list of my favorite sometime and post it.

      Add that to the list of promised posts. . .

  4. Love this post! Thanks for including me–and here’s to the Doctor’s fairyland! :) Best of luck with your resolutions.

    • I knew you’d enjoy being mentioned in a post with so much Doctor Who in it. :D Thank you! It’s the day after and I still don’t think any of my resolutions are bad ideas, which is promising. ;)

  5. For short stories, you might be interested in the Team PYP program.

    Good goals, you have. I’ll probably be trying some of the same things.

  6. Good luck with the resolutions! Love the gingerbread all in a row in your oven. Neglected to make them this year and now I’m motivated to make gingersnowmen with the kiddies;-)

  7. hey….thanks for the shout out! i hope you have a productive 2012! :)

  8. You’re more ambitious than me. I’m barely keeping track of my resolution to not wait 6 months to read my blog feeds. Well, I managed to get to this one within a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the links. I look forward to reading the Jami Gold piece.

    • Haha! Here’s a secret: I may follow about 50 blogs in my google reader, but they are organized by how often I should look at them. I’ve maybe three daily ones, a handful of every-other-day ones, a group of blogs that update irregularly/rarely so I pay attention to them whenever they do update, a decent amount I look at weekly (on the weekend when I have more time), and a group hidden at the bottom I look at every two weeks. There are some I make a point to comment on a put effort into the discussions, others I don’t bother interacting with, and a lot in the middle I might comment on if I really have something to say (but only then and I may or may not keep up with the discussion). Without organizing them this way, I would be very helter-skelter indeed.

      Yes. I spend too much time on social media. XD If I want to spend less time, I cut down on my number of subscriptions.

      I hoped my readers would enjoy the links. :)

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