Creative Writing Prompts: Extremely Brief Story Starters

Well, I found a number of extremely short story starters, and decided to through them together in a post. Feel free to use several!

Rain pounded the roof like a sledgehammer:  uneven, violent, and ear-splitting.

Sometimes a setting is all that is needed to spark an idea.

I ran my hand along the textured wall, searching for the unevenness that would reveal. . .

Reveal what?  And don’t say secret passageway or compartment.  That would be boring!  And where is this wall exactly?  A millionaire’s mansion?  A bathroom stall?  Under pool waters?  In a plane?That should be enough.  Run with it!

A gentle breeze brushed the hilltop, combing the ruins. . .

Maybe that gentle breeze is a bit chilling after all.

There was no avoiding it; the letter had to be composed. . . .

Who will receive this letter?  And Uncle?  The governor?  Why is there ‘no avoiding it’?  Circumstances?  Or is mother watching with arms crossed?  Will the letter be written in haste?  Or will each phase be meticulously crafted?

Motion cut the darkness. . .

Well, this is a little better than my last one.  Is it a person moving, or something that goes bump in the night?  A spy?  A lover? A thief?  An owl?  A cat?  A priceless heirloom falling from the top shelf?  Maybe it the prophetic gust of see-able wind.  And what about that darkness?  Is it really night, or are the lights just out?  Take it where you will!

I hope you find these story starters fun!


About Kathrine Roid

I'm an science fiction and fantasy author living in Texas with an undead parakeet and teleporting cat. Think about that for a moment.

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  1. But I don’t need story starers, I need story enders! I can’t start another novel now! AHHH! But I like them 🙂

  2. You’re last one reminds me of how I came up with one of my stories… the prompt was:
    “Holding the gun out before her, Sanah whipped around the corner…”

  3. I just love writing prompt websites! Thanks for inspiring me!

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