How to write Fight Scenes: Useful Sites

A while back (and midway through a spyfy) I realized I didn’t know how to write fight scenes.  So I googled it.  Problem is, apparently everyone posts what everyone knows about fight scenes.  I ate page after page of redundant material until I had found enough unique sites to know my stuff.  Do not worry, this is not going to be yet another post on what everyone knows about fight scenes.  Other people have written enough on how to write fight scenes that I can give you a nice triplet of links and sleep at night knowing I’ve helped you bloody your characters.  Take the time to read through these; it can only improve your fighting skill.  Er, writing fighting skill.

How to Write a Fight Scene
After I read this, I thought, “I need to rewrite every fight scene I’ve ever written.”  After a friend read this (on my recommendation), she said, “I feel like rewriting every fight scene I’ve ever done.”  Essentially the same thing. 😉  I believe you will feel the same way too.  The author leads you through a fight scene step by step in the one of the more engaging voices I have read in an article.

Fight Scenes 101
An entire (small) site devoted to fight scenes.  Thumbs up.  The sections are titled Location, Weapons, Language, Writing, Big Odds, Big Battles, Other Types of Action, and Weapons Database, which gives you a good idea of the contents.

Does Your Fight Scene Pack a Punch?
Just an article, but it packs a punch.  Pun unintended.  This article focuses on two major things:  how to keep your fight scenes from looking like a choreographer’s notebook (For the record, mine did.) and how to give your fight scene emotional punch.  After all, readers aren’t going to worry about that broken nose if there is no emotion involved.

Pretty much every other article you’ll find parrots what is covered in these three sites.  ‘Tis a pity. I could rant about regurgitation articles forever (or at least a paragraph). Instead. . . Enough experts. What do you have to say about writing fight scenes? Anything to add?


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I'm an science fiction and fantasy author living in Texas with an undead parakeet and teleporting cat. Think about that for a moment.

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  1. This is great! I can’t wait to check out these websites.

    My books are generally character-based, but it’s always helpful to have a bit of knowledge about fight scenes. The novel I’m planning right now is going to have a lot of them.

    Thanks for the links– and for doing all the “dirty work” of slugging through Google for us =P

  2. Abby aka PrincessoftheKing

    I was actually wondering about this the other day… but I couldn’t get through more than a couple pages of Google. So thanks for posting these! 😀

  3. Yeah for writing fighting! Don’t know how to do this, so thanks for the help!

  4. Thanks for the links! (And pardon my slow replies ^_^;;)

    Fighting scenes were one of the first troubles I ran into while writing. Mainly, how do you find the balance between explaining and pace? How do write enough so your readers actually know what’s happening while still keeping it interesting?
    I’m always happy to have more places to research fight scenes from. 🙂
    And I agree with Aloha, thanks a bunch for fishing these out for us! 🙂

  5. just what i was looking for. i’ll check these out today.

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