Neverending Science Fiction and Fantasy Picture Prompt Streams

I like prompts. I like picture prompts. I like science fiction and fantasy picture prompts. But I’m not a big fan of those static pages of prompts, never changing, becoming old. Over time I have discovered several excellent prompt blogs, however, and I’m sharing those with you today. In no particular order:

Dieki’s Dreamings
Photomanipping Blog:
Main Site:
Dieki Noordhoek is a photo manipulating artist, graphics designer, and programmer. I have followed his photomanippulating blog for a while now, and have often gleaned inspiration from his works, many of which are fantasy or science fiction oriented.

Dragon Writing Prompts
Old Blog:
Current Blog:
Dragon Writing Prompts has all sorts of prompts, from picture to quotes to fun ideas, but her even the posts that are not specifically a picture from contain juicy images. This blog is updated daily with science fiction, fantasy, and occasionally horror prompts.

by Seer

Holy World’s Word Art
Forum Thread:
So I cheated here. This is actually a thread, not a blog. The talented photomanipulators over on Holy Worlds have a challenge among themselves: create a composite picture out of one or two words. I think the resulting images just have stories bursting from them. Holy Worlds has a site dedicated to public domain images and photos created by Holy Worlds members at

I hope you enjoyed these! What are your favorite picture prompts or sites? Static pages allowed. 😉


About Kathrine Roid

I'm an science fiction and fantasy author living in Texas with an undead parakeet and teleporting cat. Think about that for a moment.

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  1. Looks really interesting! Thanks!

  2. SWEET! I’d not really thought of picture writing prompts before. I got inspired from this. That’s an interesting idea, just to take a bunch of websites or magazines and just come up with stories from the images.

    I’ve done something similar before though. When I’m on the bus (or the tube. Tube works best.) or a plane or wherever, I look at the people sitting around me and imagine life situations for them. I invent a life for them, and where they are going and why. Sometimes I come up with pretty interesting ideas.

    Thanks for the Dragon Writing Promts blog!

    • Wow! I introduced someone to picture prompts! 😀 I discovered them fairly early on while learning about writing. Even though I am not a big visual person, I enjoy them very much. Probably because it’s a rare artist-meets-writer moment for me.

      I’ve heard of people doing that, creating lives for the people around them! I’ve never been able to do it thought. I always end up wondering what it would be like if I were actually inside their head, not creating their world. It must be very cool.

      You’re welcome! DWP is probably my favorite source for prompts. They’ve got some really neat stuff. If you’re ever stuck in a funk, just explore the past prompts.

  3. Hi! You won a prize on my blog. Isn’t that cool? Here it is:

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