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I’m Kathrine (not Katherine) Roid, an aspiring young authoress deep in the heart of Texas. Like many, my love of books started when I was very young. My mother often read classics aloud to my sister and I, and it was no surprise when I decided to try writing my own. The result was three kiddie pages of a pioneer mystery that was closer to a comedy. I like to say my pursuit of writing truly began when I was twelve, when I took the effort to actually learn something about the craft.

Now, science fiction is my favorite genre, although I write fantasy as well. To me these genres capture the wildest, highest flights of the imagination. When I’m not writing, blogging, reading, or daydreaming, I’m probably drawing, enjoying my doll collections, or rollerblading. Take that back. Only rarely am I not daydreaming when I rollarblade.

I started this blog in January 2011 to share my knowledge of the art of creative writing.  There are five main categories to my blog:  on writing, how to edit, useful sites, and creative writing prompts, which receive random attention.  Some of my work is specific to science-fiction, fantasy, or adventure, but most good writing advice can be spread over all genres.

If you have questions, thoughts, article suggestions, or anything else, feel free to contact me:

Comment Policy

I welcome comments and discussion, but I am keeping my site suitable for all ages. Comments that violate this will most likely be edited, but even removed if the case is bad enough.

All material is copyright Kathrine Roid unless otherwise specified. Graphics and pictures are copyright their respective owners and used with permission.

  1. Hi, Kathrine! I just stopped by your blog and I feel I’m going to do this more often. Nice blog and great content.

  2. Hey!
    Just stumbled upon your little corner of cyberspace, and I thought I’d check it.
    Looking for help with small little stories-I get my inspiration from writers like Anthony Horowitz, Veronica Roth, and Ally Carter.
    Most recent ‘ject is a short spy novelette, and need some more inspiration.

    Awesome blog!

    • *throws cushions around her corner* Take a seat. 😉 Seriously, though, I think you are about to get a very long reply!

      The way to write a good story doesn’t change with size. Now, a how-to site may no be the automatic place for you to go when you want inspiration, but I find learning about writing to be very inspiring, because it always shows me what I could be doing differently with my story. Besides my own site of course, I’d recommend The Other Side of the Story, Jami Gold’s blog for writers, and The Kill Zone. Ack, my blog roll is down right now… I need to put it back together. Those three blogs all post very frequently.

      There are many sites devoted entirely to writing prompts to give you inspiration – good ones, not the things your teacher gave you in elementary school. XD I recommend Creative Writing Prompts for Writers and Dragon Writing Prompts. My own blog has a section category devoted to writing prompts. However, most of my inspiration comes come from tiny little every day things. Try keeping a notepad handy for writing down the odd and wonderful that you notice, or strange snippets of conversation that could mean something else entirely. If you want the inspiration that can only come from a deadline, you might try Story a Day, a fantastic challenge in the month of May to write a short story each day.

      Actually, since it sounds like you are writing novella and novelette-length fiction, you might look into WriMo (WRIting MOnth) challenges. They’re monthly challenges to write a certain number – usually 30k to 60k – words in a month. These challenges aren’t for everyone, but I like having a very set goal and community to bounce ideas off of. I can give you more information about WriMos if you like.

      Which brings me to a fifth (?) way to get inspiration: from a writing community. Virtual or face-to-face, a writing support group is great for inspiring you or jogging you out of writer’s block. Having another person to throw ideas at and brainstorm with has always been invaluable to me.

      Hope that helps and thank you!

      • Thanks!

        *high five*

        Totally helps. I would love to know more about WriMo, and your upcoming or future books! I’m very glad I found your blog, and when I finally finish formatting mine, I’ll put your blog under favorite links!

        Made You Read!

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