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October Poll: Your Least Favorite Genre

Well, your least favorite genre out of those listed. 🙂 Yes, I intend for this to be a difficult decision.

September’s poll is closed! See the results.

For more polls, ongoing and closed, visit my polls page:


Tweet, Tweet

Click for Debbie Ridpath's useful "A Writer's Guide to Twitter." Image is her creation. (She's also a hilarious webcomic artist.)

I’m on a Twitter branch, wondering if the branch is going to collapse. But I’m on Twitter! For a while I’ve had small things – articles of mention, quotes, super-quick prompts – that just didn’t make a full blog post. Then I realized this is why people like me use Twitter. I am still flying after authors and agents and blogs I like trying to find their Twitter accounts, still have no Tweeting schedule, and still have yet to sort those pesky tags and categories on this blog, but you can follow me @KathrineRoid.

Introducing Monthly Polls. . . and a New Poll!

In the past my poll-creation has been sporadic. No more! From now on you get a monthly poll with a post announcing its creation, and it’s addition to my polls page. Old polls will be moved down to the “Closed Polls” section. Without further ado:

This month’s question is, “About how many books do you buy in a year?” To clarify, this is referring to books you purchase for yourself, though receiving and giving books as gifts are great.

Thank you for your answer!


I’ll be gone for an unknown period of time, probably a few months. Stuff has come up within the family. No one is dying, nothing like that, 😉 but it’s still personal. I miss my wonderful readers already, and can’t wait to be back!

Blog Break this Week

I need to do several things: give this blog a good scrubbing, and put it in it’s proper place in my life. With those in mind, there will be no new posts until Sunday next week.

Things you can expect by then:
~All those crazy little inconsistently used tags to be organized
~A few posts updated with more paragraphs
~Further editing since I got lazy on a few posts
~A link page with descriptions for each link
~A new page (sh, it’s a surprise!)
~More key phrases linked so that you can easily figure out what in the world I’m talking about
~A Kathrine who is actually going to keep to a schedule

Until the 21st! Subscribe to my blog (top of the sidebar) to make sure you don’t miss a post.

The Ultimate Pansting Test and February Challenge

It’s an old, tired question:  planner or panster?  Well, I have always had the feeling I leaned toward panster.  I certainly don’t plan as much as my friends.  Last year I gave myself the ultimate pansting test:  I began a novel with little more than the five main characters and a log line.  I was going to completely let my self go and completely wing it.  I was going to write whatever scene I felt like writing.  I was going to add whatever I felt like adding.

And I did.  For two months all the way until I finished the last scene.  Albeit, there were a lot of gaps and untidied sub plots.

OK, so that was an understatement.  Characters were erratic, sub plots were excessive, gaps were absolutely everywhere, and the main story line was hard to find under all the mess.  Yay for pansting!  I’ll compare pansting and planning some other time. . . when I can speak for planning.

And that brings us to the February Challenge.  I hereby declare February to be Fix Your Messy Novel that Doesn’t Have a Chance Month.  Hey, if there can be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, surely Fix Your Messy Novel that Doesn’t Have a Chance Month is reasonable!  This coming February, you (yes, I’m dragging you into this) and I shall prove once and for all messy novels can indeed be cleaned.  In preparation, drag out the worst manuscript you have.   No, not the one you wrote when you were 10.  The one you wrote in the last two years that you’ve never gotten around to fixing because it was “too terrible.”

Congratulations, terrible manuscripts of my blog readers, you are going to be fixed.  Here is the Official How To Survive Fix Your Messy Novel that Doesn’t Have a Chance Month.  You are hereby commanded to tweak it as necessary.

1.  Glaze over the manuscript.  Don’t read it all the way through – you don’t want to get discouraged – but familiarize yourself with the plot (or lack thereof) and subplots and characters and twists and setting.

2.  Write a logline.  Write a short synopsis.  Write an outline, complete with subplots.  Write character sheets.  These will be invaluable.

3.  Fill in any gaps in your novel and add any passages your new outline demands.  Or combine characters.  Or something else your novel needs.  For example, mine desperately needs more technology.

4.  Cut any now-useless huge chunks from your novel.

5.  Cut out any references to those now-deleted scenes, characters, etc.

6.  Begin your normal editing process.  I’ll post more about this soon.

Now to get Vanya to announce this on Holy Worlds.  She can’t fail to now that I’ve announced it to the world.  Who’s with me?

Poll Notice

You may have noticed the poll in the sidebar.  If you haven’t, well, go look!  If you have and voted, thank you.  If you have and didn’t vote, hey!  I’m trying to get feedback!

When I started this blog, I didn’t think about possibly making reviews.  But then I started thinking about the movies I see and the books I read (I know, the poll sounds like I’m only talking about movies.).  I decided to hand the decision over to my readers.

If you have any thoughts to add beyond those tiny answers, please do in the comments.

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